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I combine my experiences of years as an expedition guide, living and working in   different cultures with energy and body work to give clients enough awareness and trust to make a real change.

Physical relaxation supports the process of understanding and mastering a challenging situation: The whole being is engaged, tensions and blocks are released and learning with awareness can manifest.

Since 2007 I offer individual coaching settings

  • from personal adapted Qi Gong teaching and Tuina massage to

  • lonely hikes in isolated areas

  • in a short-term consultancy as well as

  • long-term coaching

  • on questions related to job and career, private life

  • and chronic illnesses.

My coaching style 

I am an outdoor guide, explorer, energy worker and writer. I am the founder of TheBlueSpace Guides Co-operative in Nepal and have worked all over the world.

I’m based in the UK.

As a high alpine explorer; have mapped canyons in Hokkaido and the remote regions of Lapchi Kang and the Sanjin valley Nepal while undertaking snow leopard surveys. The first person to capture the Three Toed Jeboa on film, Kinbunska, Ukraine. I have guided and worked in the French and Spanish Basque Pyrenees, Mallorca, Sweden, Norway, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, India, Nepal, Tibet, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Ukraine and the UK.

What I can do for you:

I can take you to search for the elusive brook salamander in the French Basque Pyrenees, the midwife toad in Mallorca, snow shoe hiking in the Swedish Arctic, hike into dry canyons or wet ones, sleep out under the stars anywhere in the world be it for a day or 156 days on the Great Himalayan Trail's all about nature and the outdoors, not about hiking hard trails just for the sake of it.

You can mix this with life coaching, chi / energy work, or say to hell with that - I just want the outdoors by itself...that empty space where nothing and everything happens at the same time – over to you...


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19 days camping trek to a little visited area of Nepal


Outdoor I am curious and want to read them!

Energy work & Chi Gung Tell me all about it!

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